One: Thesis Statements

Five: Summarizing And Paraphrasing

Eight: Signal Phrases & Smooth Connections

Developmental Writing, what is it?

Developmental Writing prepares students for college composition courses. During the freshman year of college, students are required to take two semesters of college composition. These courses are usually known as English 101 and English 102. Every major university requires this freshman composition sequence for every student and you won’t be able to earn a college degree without passing these two courses. Get the idea? It’s really important that you enter college with the ability to compete in the art of written communication.

As a former college writing professor, I put this Developmental Writing lesson plan together to help both students and teachers of Developmental Writing. All of the lessons are based on my own experiences in the classroom. They are informed by my lesson plans and the thousands of student papers I’ve graded over the years.

These eight lessons you will find on this site

  • One: Thesis Statements
  • Two: Topic Sentences
  • Three: Transitions
  • Four: Taking Notes
  • Five: Summarizing & Paraphrasing
  • Six: Introductions & Conclusions
  • Seven: Picking Good Quotes
  • Eight: Signal Phrases and Smooth Connections

Developmental Writing tips

Furthermore we have writing tips for you. For students and teachers.
Below you will find the different topics of those Developemnt writing tips:
– Classroom Advice for a New Teacher
– Teaching Short Stories in Writing Classes
– Teaching Poetry in Literature-Based Writing Courses
– Teaching Without a Plan
– This is Why I Teach
– “Poetry is for Wusses” and Other Myths
– How I Kept From Drowning in a Sea of Student Papers
– The Most Offensive Word in a Composition Instructor’s Vocabulary
– Experiments in Multimodal Composition: Going Beyond the Traditional Paper in Freshman Writing Classes
– Attack of the Robot Graders!
You will find all these tips on our tips page Developmental writing tips

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